Inventory Billing Software

Inventory Billing Software

Innovative Logistics Billing Software from iTracker

Setting up your billing charges has never been easier with our Inventory Billing Software. Intuitive design helps guide you through the once difficult task of creating your charge schema.

Charge calculations are “built” for you in English not “programmer-lingo”

Create Invoices for:

  • Receipts, Shipments, Transfer of Ownership (to and from), Kitting, Disposal
  • Monthly Rent

Create Custom Inventory Charges:

  • Triggered based on your needs and specifications.
  • You set the Bill By: Quantity, Gross/Net Weight or Hundredweight, Cube, Pallet
  • Apply invoice surcharges to invoices. (electrical, fuel, tax)

Accessorial Charges may be set to trigger automatically or apply them manually as needed. These charges may then be postponed to be invoiced at the end of the month.

3PL Billing Software for Streamlined Long Term & Short Term Billing

The iTracker Logistics Billing Software provides several ways to bill your Owner of Inventory for both Long Term and Short Term Recurring Storage.

Long Term Billing Options:

  • Specified time interval. You set the recurring time interval and iTracker does the rest. Long Term charges will be calculated until the inventory has been depleted.
  • Calculate Inventory On Hand on the 15th of the month as well as the End of the Month, grouped by Item or Item/Lot.
  • Calculate maximum, minimum and average Inventory for the month grouped by Owner or Owner/Item. Invoices may then be generated based on highest, lowest or average inventory for that month.

Short Term Billing Options:

  • Upon receipt, users may set up their initial storage and set rates for split month billing. Users have the flexibility to set the split month days to suit their needs. Instead of the usual 1st thru the 15th then 16th to the end of the month, users may now set up the split days that work best for them. For example, 1st thru the 10th then the 11th thru the end of the month.
  • Or create a specified time interval. Set it and forget it!

iTracker’s powerful 3PL billing module provides the Warehouse Owner with an invoice consolidation toolthat may be used to prepare a streamlined invoice for the Owner of Inventory.

In addition, iTracker’s seamless interface with QuickBooks Accounting, provides a quick and easy way to keep your Accounts Receivables accurate.

Complicated charging schemes are easy to manage with the iTracker™ 3PL Billing Software:

Invoice Wizard

Billing Charges

Invoice Export